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1. Basic policy

In full recognition that timely and appropriate disclosure of information to investors serves as the basis for a sound financial instruments market, GOR shall make it a basic policy to thoroughly ensure prompt, accurate and fair disclosure of information on REITs consistently from the standpoint of investors.

2. Standards of information disclosure

GOR shall disclose information in accordance with the standards provided in the Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other relevant laws and regulations, rules of Tokyo Stock Exchange, The Investment Trusts Association, Japan, etc., and such. GOR shall also strive to proactively disclose other information deemed useful to investors.

3. Methods of information disclosure

Information that the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or rules of Tokyo Stock Exchange provide for disclosure shall be disclosed via Financial Services Agency’s electronic disclosure system (EDINET), Tokyo Stock Exchange’s timely disclosure network system (TDnet), GOR’s website, etc.
Other information shall also be disclosed by posting on GOR’s website, etc.

4. Structure of information disclosure

For operations pertaining to timely disclosure of information and operations pertaining to GOR’s website, the Asset Manager’s REIT Finance Department shall be placed in charge and the executive officer in charge of the REIT Finance Department or the general manager of the REIT Finance Department shall be the person responsible for information handling.

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