Superiority of “Closer,” “Newer” and “Larger”

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Reasons for investing in high-quality office buildings that are “closer,” “newer” and “larger”

  • Market competitiveness is high and revenues can be maintained and increased in the medium to long term
  • Amid progress in bipolarization of office buildings, investing in the buildings on the winning side
  • Tenants inclined toward prime office buildings to secure personnel
  • Even in difficult economic times, can attract tenants from lower-class buildings

(close to stations)
High convenience

  • Location is of utmost importance to real estate
  • Office worker in large cities choose properties close to stations
  • There is abundant tenant demand for buildings near stations in large cities

(newly built)
High spec

  • Strong earthquake resistance and BCP measures
  • Sufficient ceiling height, floor height and free access floors
  • Excellent air-conditioning functions and energy-saving functions
  • Small repair and renovation costs


  • Visibility and symbolic strength
  • Flexibility in compartmentalization and adaptability to expansion needs
  • Brilliant facade and entrance and excellent common facilities
  • Able to attract prime companies with an ability to bear rent

Conceptual diagram of “closer,” “newer” and “larger” office buildings

Short for business continuity plan, a plan outlining response to disasters and other events.
Recently, there are growing tenant needs for business continuity by ensuring that emergency power supply is secured even in the event of a power outage.
Raised access flooring:
Flooring that creates a raised floor by placing floor panels above the structural floor to create underfloor space allowing for cables to be freely laid.
New office buildings have this structure in place for the entire floor from the start in many cases, whereas retrofits of old office buildings could cause the floor level to become uneven or compromise ceiling height.
  • This is a conceptual diagram presenting a typical example of an office building under GOR’s concept of “closer,” “newer” and “larger” for illustrative purposes only. GOR’s portfolio properties are not necessarily equipped with all of these features.

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